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It is not a secret that Linux can juggle USB serial ports between restarts. This is something which doesn’t happen on linux, but if you ever looked at internet forums on how to fix issue, you for sure found advice to use custom udev rules.

By default kubernetes tls secret must consist two fields a tls.key and tls.crt. It works perfectly fine in most of the cases, but not when we need mutual tls which is handled by ingress-nginx. This kind of ingress requires a secret with a “ca.crt” field to validate client certs. Obviously it tricks a kubectl which […]

It is already 12 months since I started using my (first since very long time) desktop PC. In my previous blog post I’ve described reasons why I decided to resign from Apple hardware. In this one I will tell you how I managed to drop OSX and its ecosystem with minor pains. I feel that […]

I must start from small confession. I am not an computer kido. My first computer was AMD K6 with 266 Hz clock I got for Christmas back in 1999. I’ve seen in my life Amiga, but I wasn’t part of long standing battle between platforms. I’ve seen Norton Commander on my friend PC who got […]