Kubernets TLS secret with ca.crt field for mtls

12 May

By default kubernetes tls secret must consist two fields a tls.key and tls.crt. It works perfectly fine in most of the cases, but not when we need mutual tls which is handled by ingress-nginx. This kind of ingress requires a secret with a “ca.crt” field to validate client certs. Obviously it tricks a kubectl which can’t append more than standard.

Our help in this case will be kubectl patch. The patch command allows to replace or append new parts to resource definitions. In my case certificate and key file is generated with openssl, thus I wish to populate extra field in order to keep ingress-nginx happy. One note – if you miss ca.crt field in secret pointed by nginx.ingress.kubernetes.io/auth-tls-secret annotation, ingress will keep working. It will just not perform any mtls validation. It will emit a warning, but that’s all.

If you wonder how to make it happen, this is how I managed it:


kubectl -n "$namespace" create secret tls "$secret" --key=$keyFile \
  --cert=$crtFile || (echo "Could not create $secret in namespace $namespace" && exit 1)
caContents=$(base64 -w0 $crtFile)
kubectl -n "$namespace" patch secret "$secret" -p "{\"data\":{\"ca.crt\":\"${caContents}\"}}"

This little thing keeps it as a single secret. Obviously you might not wish to do that in case of production setups, but that’s another thing. 🙂

Additional point – if you are running macos with its flavor of shell, or an ancient linux distro, then base64 -w0 call will fail. In such case you can use kubectl get secret $secret with jsonpath output or with go-template trick I described in my previous post.

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