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A while ago I managed to get Nginx and OpenID Connect working together. Obviously, there is a commercial plugin provided by Nginx authors, but for simpler cases we can use a a simpler way with auth_request which works nicely with OIDC token introspection served by for example Keycloak.

Remote repositories are one of fundamental concepts promoted by Maven. Its use is quite common. It is handled by maven-deploy-plugin, so its migration is something you will probably notice sooner or later. This short post will explain changes in new version of plugin which you need to take care of when moving from 2.8 or […]

One of most annoying things these days is managing CI/CD with multiple repositories. For quite long time github didn’t offer private repositories while gitlab did. This lead to situation where people been asking gitlab for additional features. One of these is support for mirroring git repositories from github to gitlab just to run pipelines. I […]

In this pretty short introduction I am going to describe you a trick which I learned recently while doing new CI/CD configuration for one of open source projects I work with.

Over past couple of months I’ve been playing with gitlab ci as it brings a bit of refreshing breeze after years of struggle with Jenkins. Don’t get me wrong, I value what Jenkins did for us over past decade. I just think that maintenance of it is a bit of nightmare. Yet, I’ve reached a […]